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The History Of Campus Cards

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  1960's - Campus Card Systems Are Born
  1970's - The Pioneers of Campus Card Systems
  1980's - Electronic Campus Cards Achieve Momentum
  1990's - New Campus Card Applications and Technologies
  2000's - Campus Card Systems Explore New Horizons

(1968 - 2000)

Advanced Network Technologies
American Express Special Teams Inc.
ARA Services Inc.
AT&T Campus Wide Solutions Inc.
Blackboard Inc.
Card Application Technology Center
CCV Systems
CEI / Special Teams
CyberMark, LLC
Danyl Corporation
DataCard Corporation
Debitek Inc.
Diebold Inc.
Digital Access Control
First of America Bank Corporation
General Meters Corporation
Griffin Technology Inc.
GTE SmartCollege
Harco Industries Inc.
iCollege Inc.
ITC Systems
Marriott Corporation
MBS Systems
National CacheCard Company
NPD & Associates
R.D. Products
Riverview Systems Ltd.
Roth Systems Inc.
Schlumberger DANYL Inc.
Special Teams Inc.
Telecommunication Data Systems
The CBORD Group

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  1. This historical timeline was developed through correspondence, interviews, surveys, articles, press releases, vendor materials, and personal knowledge of the Campus Card Industry by the author.

  2. Information contributed by individuals and vendors was accepted in good faith as valid and factual, and every attempt was made to provide a historically accurate record.

  3. The author reserves the right to select and edit all material provided by contributors in a professional manner in order to portray historical and significant events related to the Campus Card Industry in the United States and Canada.

  4. Vendors cited are primarily those which have produced "multi-function" or "multi-application" systems and food service applications for the higher education industry.

  5. Any suggested updates, additions, revisions, modifications, or deletions should be submitted via facsimile on school or company letterhead, to Mr. Robert C. Huber, C.M.C., C.P.C.M., President of Robert Huber Associates, at the contact information provided at the bottom of this page.

  6. 2000 Robert Huber Associates. All Rights Reserved.

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For nearly 20 years, Mr. Robert C. Huber, C.M.C., C.P.C.M., has been directly involved in the Campus Card Industry, as a developer, installer, trainer, consultant, author, conference speaker, and ongoing media resource. This timeline was developed to provide a historical perspective on electronic Campus Card Systems since their inception in the early 1970s.

Mr. Robert C. Huber, C.M.C., C.P.C.M., a dual-certified management consultant, is President of Robert Huber Associates, which provides independent management consulting to colleges, universities, hospitals, medical centers, and corporate campuses with implementations, upgrades, and assessments of their "All-Campus Card" programs, throughout the United States and Canada.

As a vendor independent consultancy, Robert Huber Associates is NOT affiliated with any card system vendors, card institutes, vendor alliances, long distance carriers, financial institutions (banks, credit unions, savings & loans), or vendor consortiums.  It provides strategic planning, targeted at expanded services, increased revenues, greater customer convenience, and streamlined business operations.  Mr. Robert C. Huber, C.M.C., C.P.C.M. is a frequent speaker at meetings and conferences.

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