Client Referral Rewards


All RHA Clients,


We gladly provide clients* and professional colleagues with a personal $100.00 American Express Dining Gift Card (or other preferred brands) for each new referral that you provide us.**


There is no limit ... on referrals or gift cards! 


Simply complete the Client Referral Form (below) or provide similar information to us at your convenience. Please indicate whether we can use your name when we follow-up with them.


We also offer special "Preferred Client Discounts" to all former new system or assessment clients. To discuss details, contact me directly.


Thank you for being such a great client!


Thank You ... and Stay In Touch!


Bob Huber

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & CEO

Robert Huber Associates

(480)  551 - 0520


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    (Past, Present or Future Clients)

**   (If they become a new RHA Client within 2 years of referral)


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