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Robert Huber, C.M.C., C.P.C.M., President of Robert Huber Associates, a Scottsdale, Arizona based management consulting firm, is a frequently quoted media source for many national publications.  You can find articles containing his insight into the business of All-Campus Card Management in the following industry publications:

June 2008 University Business
"2008 Directory of Higher Education Consultants"
April/May 2008 NACCU CardTalk
"Campus Card History Museum at 2008 Annual Conference"
 Adobe PDF Image "Campus Card History Museum (CardTalk)"
 Adobe PDF Image "Campus Card History Museum Photos (NACCU 2008)"
March 17, 2008 USA Today
 Adobe PDF Image "Colleges' Debit-Card Deals Draw Scrutiny"
February 2008 University Business
 "A Sense Of SECURITY..."
Spring 2007 CR80 News
 Adobe PDF Image "A Brief History Of The Campus Card Industry"
December 2006 CR80 News eDigest
  "Rapid Changes Ahead For Campus Card Systems"
June 8, 2006 The Wall Street Journal Online
  "Colleges Face Privacy Issue As ID Cards Collect More Data"
April 7, 2006 The Chronicle of Higher Education
  "Company Asserts Patent Rights to Campus-Card Technology"
February 2006 Cards & Payments
  "Biometrics: Getting in Touch with a Growing Trend"
September 2005 Cards & Payments
  "Slow and Steady for Campus Cards"
September 2005 On-Campus Hospitality
  "Campus Card Acquisition"
July 2005 CR80 News eDigest
  "New round of buying and selling of companies?"
February 2005 ID Newswire
 "University of Georgia Pioneers Hand Geometry On Campus"
January 28, 2005 The Chronicle of Higher Education
  "Do-It-All Campus ID Cards: Too Corporate?"
December 2004 CR80 News
 "Predictions for Campus Card Programs in '05 and Beyond"
November 2004 ATM & Debit News
 "A Reinvigorated Student Advantage Makes Another Campus Card Play"
August 2004 University Business
"Biosecurity Comes of Age"
May 4, 2004 KPNX-TV (NBC) Phoenix
"How Safe Are Imported Canadian Drugs?"
March 2004 University Business
"Too Smart For Their Own Good"
June 2003 NACCU CardTalk
"To Bank or Not to Bank"
March 2003 On-Campus Hospitality
"Directory of Campus Card Suppliers"
February 2003 University Business
"More Than ID"
February 2003 College Planning & Management
"One-Card Programs Boast Endless Options"
February 13, 2003 ATM & Debit News
"SA Cash Buyer Hopes To Extend Campus Card Use"
2003 Edition Handbook of Business Strategy
"How to Find, Hire and Work with Consultants"
October 2002 NACAS College Services
"What's In the Cards? "
August 2002 On Campus Hospitality
"Magnetic Stripe Cards Gain Ground "
August 2002 University Business
"The Power of Plastic"
June 2002 CR80 News
"Is the Campus Card Industry in Turmoil?"
June 2002 University Business
"2002 Guide to Higher Education Consultants"
April 2002 Card Technology
"Smart Card Pioneer Departs in CyberMark Shakeup"
March 11, 2002 Card Forum
"Smart Card Pioneer Departs in CyberMark Shakeup"
February 2002 Foodservice Director
"Campus Card Systems Help Capture Off-Campus Revenue"
February 7, 2002 ATM & Debit News
"Schools Embrace Marketer's Solution for Campus Cards Off-Campus"
February 2002 Card Technology
"PIN Money Sells Chip Cards to U.S. University"
December 2001 NACCU Card Talk
"Vendor Presentation Tips (Part 2)"
November 2001 NACCU Card Talk
"Vendor Presentation Tips (Part 1)"
November 9, 2001 KPNX-TV (NBC) Phoenix
"Pseudo Airport Security" (TV interview)
November 2001 NACCU Card Talk
"Vendor Presentation Tips (Part I)"
October 2001 NACCU Card Talk
"Campus Card Website Expanded"
August 2001 On-Campus Hospitality
"Campus Cards Go Back to the Future"
May 2001 University Business
"Year 2001 Directory of Higher Education Consultants"
March 2001 Card Technology
"Money Isn't Everything"
May 2000 On Campus Hospitality
"Is the Future Now?"
May 2000 University Business
"Year 2000 Directory of 250 Higher Education Consultants"
March 2000 Card Technology
"School Smart Cards Enroll in Internet 101"
March 2000 Food Service Director
"Debit Cards:  Non-Commercial Segments Will Embrace Cards"
March 2000 On-Campus Hospitality
"Consultant Forecasts Industry Changes"
December 1999 Facilities Design & Management
"Trends and Technology"
December 1999 Card Technology
"Ten Projects That Shaped The Smart Card World"
November 1999 On-Campus Hospitality
"Duke University's Duke Card: A Model of Efficiency"
August 1999 NACCU Card Talk
"Campus Card Consultant - Robert Huber, CMC, CPCM"
August 1999 Card Technology
"The Perils and Payoffs of Partnerships"
August 1999 University Business
"Directory of Higher Education Consultants"
April 1999 Debit Card News
"More Universities Are Getting Smart With Mag-Stripe Campus Cards"
April 1999 On-Campus Hospitality
"A History of Campus Cards"
Winter 1999 Dining Insights
"Worthwhile Websites"
November 1998 Debit Card News
"Off-Campus Bookstores Try To Unlock School Debit Cards"
October 1998 Debit Card News
"Merchants Coin A Debit Alternative"
July 1998 Debit Card News
"A Credit Card Giant Lends Its Weight To A Multiapplicaton Card"
May 1998 University Business
"Year 2000 Bug"
April 1998 Smart Money Magazine
"Keeping Track - Hurry Up and Slow Down"
March 1998 On-Campus Hospitality
"Huber Predicts Campus Card Functionality Growth"
March 1998 Smart Card Alert
"Penn State Begins Largest U.S. Campus Smart Card Program"
February 1998

Card Technology

"The Campus Card Conundrum"

January 1998 Debit Card News
"Issuers Struggle To Make the Grade In The University Card Market"
Winter 1998 Dining Insights
"All Campus Card Use Forecast To Grow In '98"
December 1997 Card Fax
"A Harder Look"
September 1997 Card Technology
"New Players Heat Up Campus Card Race"
July 1997 NACAS News
"People In The News"
February 1997 Facilities Design & Management
"All-Campus Cards Open Many Doors"
January/February 1997 Card Technology
"Striving To Win The Campus Card Race"
December 1996 Debit Card News
"Colleges Talk Smart Cards, But Mag-Stripes Earn Top Grades"
December 1996 Debit Card News
"Legislators Take College Debit Cards Down and Off-Campus Route"
November 1996 NACAS News
"People In The News"
November 1996 The Business Journal
"People On The Move"
October 15, 1996 USA Today
"Road Warrior Tip"
October 1996 NACAS News
"People In The News"
March/April 1996 Card Technology
"Smart Cards Head for College"
September 12, 1995 USA Today
"Heard A Good Book Lately?"
January 1995 NACUBO Business Officer
"On/Line or Off-line Vending?"
March 1994 NACAS College Services Administration
"Vending: Online or Offline?"
October 1993 On-Campus Hospitality
April 1993 On-Campus Hospitality
"How To Write An RFP"
October 1992 On-Campus Hospitality
"Marketing the All-Campus Debit Card"
November 1991 NACAS News
"New Members"

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