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Robert Huber Associates was founded in 1991 by entrepreneur, former restaurateur, Hall of Fame recipient, business instructor, and Certified Business and Marketing Consultant, Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM.


After the startup, management and marketing 50 Burger King® Restaurants, he was recruited in 1982 to implement Food Production Management Systems for colleges, universities, hospitals, restaurants and military bases.


Mr. Huber quickly applied his corporate business expertise to the organization and development of new business concepts and systems related to meal plans, door access, debit card and point-of-sale systems, including pioneering the "All-Campus Card" concept in 1985.


His implementation of 100 campus card systems, 200 new business operations, and the publication of the "Campus Card Business Forecast" has affected the visibility and momentum of the Campus Card Industry.


Robert Huber Associates is the only international and certified "Vendor Independent" Campus Card Business Consultancy which assists educational, healthcare and corporate clients with all aspects of Campus Card Systems.



■   Campus Card Assessments

■   Campus Card Implementations

■   Campus Security Assessments

■   Strategic Door Access Planning



 Robert Huber Associates has no financial ties with any current card industry vendors.


 Robert Huber Associates does not recommend specific companies or vendor systems.


Principle #1:


   We believe our Primary Consulting Role is to observe, educate, strategize and provide multiple creative recommendations.




TOP | Business Benefits

 Business Consultants have a formal business education, broad business background and wide range of transferable business skills.



TOP | Institution Benefits


  Business Consultants are highly skilled professionals with experience in strategic planning, diagnosis, organization, and implementations in a variety of venues.



Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM, founder, is a certified business consultant, "All-Campus Card" developer, Hall of Fame recipient, business instructor, conference speaker and has implemented over 200 campus debit card, door and parking access control, meal plan, food production and POS systems at 200 educational and corporate campuses.


Robert E. Summers, CPP, is a certified security consultant, former law enforcement officer, and specializes in security needs assessment and electronic security countermeasures.  His portfolio includes colleges, U.S. presidential libraries, state and national landmarks.


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