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Campus Card Industry Pioneer, Visionary and Vendor-Independent Campus Card Business Consultant Robert Huber has released his "2015 Campus Card Industry Forecast" in which he predicts ...

  Smartphones ... The Next Campus Card

  Apple iPhone 6 ... New Campus Leader

  Residence Hall Keys ... Vaporize

  Wirelesss Door Access ... Skyrockets

  Cloud-based ... Campus Card Services

  Banks ... Abandon Campuses (Again)



Conference Presentation

"How To Negotiate ... with Vendors!"

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & CEO

Robert Huber Associates


NACCU Annual Conference

Sheraton New Orleans USA

March 9, 2015 | 3:30 pm



•   How Can Negotiations be a "Win-Win-Win" tool?

•   Why Avoid Traditional "Hard" and "Soft" Tactics?

•   What are Keys to Successful Negotiations by Men?

•   What are Keys to Successful Negotiations by Women?

•   What are Common Tools, Tips & Traps of Negotiations?

  What is a proven 6-Step Strategic Negotiations Checklist?

•   How Can Smartphones Jeopardize Successful Negotiations?




Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM, is an international vendor-independent Campus Card Business Consultant, 30-year campus card pioneer, former operator of 50 restaurants, and negotiated over $200 million of vendor agreements during his extensive business career.




Apple iPhone 6

The Next Campus Card?



Apple's iPhone 6 could become the new campus card at many colleges and universities, according to campus card industry business consultant Robert Huber.



LIVE Webinar

Your Campus Card System:

Critical Considerations For 2015

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

Campus Card Business Consultant

Robert Huber Associates

  What is the future of campus cards?


•   What card technologies are vulnerable?


•   What card technologies are recommended?


•   Should you manage or outsource your campus card system?


•   What campus card applications should be your institution focus?


  Will colleges and universities continue to issue campus cards?





Robert Huber Associates is a respected vendor-independent business consultancy that assists colleges, universities, community colleges, boarding schools, educational, healthcare and corporate clients with:


  Campus Card Systems

  Business Implementations

  Campus Security Assessments


Founder Robert Huber co-developed the "All-Campus Card" (1985) and is publisher of the "Campus Card Industry Forecast".


What is an "All-Campus Card"?




   Campus Card Systems



For over 30 years, we have specialized in the development, implementation, promotion and forecasting of Campus Card Systems in the educational, healthcare and corporate markets throughout North America.


   Business Implementations



Our strategic planning expertise includes the startup of 50 national restaurants, on-site implementation of 150 enterprise systems, 100 Campus Card Systems, 500 POS dining systems, and launching 200 new businesses.

   Campus Security Assessments



As certified business consultants with extensive business, law enforcement, federal government and corporate security expertise, we provide clients with professional, vendor independent and expert Campus Security Assessments.







Why Do College Administrators Use

Our Business Consulting Services?

  Business Benefits

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  Historically Black, Religious

   Colonial, Ivy League, Ethnic

   Urban, Suburban, Rural, Virtual

   Colonial, Ivy League, Ethnic

   Commuter, Residential, Shared

   Land Grant, Boarding, Graduate

   Flagship, Regional, Consortiums

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  Strategic Planning

  Campus Assessments

  Project Leadership

  Fiscal Planning

  Project Management

  Credential Technologies

  RFP Development

  Proposal Evaluations

   Vendor Negotiations

   Program Management

   Operations Management

  Strategic Marketing

   Customer Service




  Industry Education

  Impartial Assessments

  RFP / SOW Development

  Strategic Project Guidance

   Vendor Evaluation Strategies

   Enterprise Recommendations

   Strategic Marketing Guidance

  Backchannel Communications

   Vendor Agreement Negotiations




Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & Senior Consultant


Mr. Huber is a board certified Business and Marketing Consultant, campus card expert, negotiations instructor, Hall of Fame recipient, conference speaker, media resource and publisher of the "Campus Card Industry Forecast".


As developer of the "All-Campus Card" concept in 1985, Bob has implemented over 200 debit card, door and parking access control, meal plan, food production, and point-of-sale systems at over 200 colleges, universities, hospitals and corporations.


Robert E. Summers, CPP

Associate Consultant


Mr. Summers, a former law enforcement officer, is a certified Professional Security Consultant who specializes in campus safety, high security and electronic security assessments. 


In addition to consulting with many educational institutions and international corporations, his portfolio includes the protection of U.S. national landmarks and several U.S. Presidential Libraries.


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Smartphones - The New Campus Card

Students may lose their keys, cards or wallet, but they always have their phone - in their hand. For students of all ages, their smartphone is their best technological friend. 




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"80 Vendor Presentation Tips

  ... for Hosts and Presenters"



by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & Vendor-Independent

Campus Card Business Consultant

Robert Huber Associates

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