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We Didn't Know"


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Evolution or Revolution?


Time for a New Business Model



Educational Procurement Journal

National Association of Educational Procurement 

NAEP 2018 Summer Issue


by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM


Campus Card Business Consultant



Most Institutions of Higher Education have issued plastic Campus Cards for decades, based on a 30-year business model. 


Development of a more contemporary business model, which may include a virtual Campus Card, should include greater customer focus, advanced technology, and closer alignment with evolving institutional priorities.


Perhaps it is time for Administrators to review this process in light of current technology and dramatic shifts in generational expectations.


Campus Cards: Time For A New Business Model (RHA)
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Campus Cards - Time For A New Business M[...]
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FAST FACTS ... About Our Business
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Campus Card Business Forecast



by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM


Campus Card Industry Business Consultant





Campus Card Business Forecast



by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM


Campus Card Industry Business Consultant



Prediction #1 –  Mobile Becomes Primary Enterprise Credential


With TSA adoption of mobile identification, food contractor mobile payments, and "geo-fencing" for mobile door access, campuses will transition to virtual student credentials and enterprise mobile privileges for increased security, institution cost savings, and great student satisfaction over the next five years.


Card Technology Evolution

Campus Card Technology Evolution (1960-2020)
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New Article


... Your Campus Card Operation


10 Strategic Questions Every

Administrator Should Be Asking


by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM


Strategic Planning Business Consultant



Higher Education Administrators need to consider whether it is now time to shift their institutional resources from operating a 30-year old "Plastic Card Factory" to migration of a "virtual" campus card for their Mobile Millennial students ...


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New Article

The Mindset List

Class of 2022


The authors release 60 traits of the first college students of the New Millennium.


Born in 2000 ... they are the most tech savvy generation in history.


Referred to by the media as iGen or GenZ ... they want to escape the dreaded label of "Millennial".


Most have never entered a bank ... or used a spit bowl in a dentist's office.


Same-sex marriage has always been legal somewhere ... and "I Love You" has always been a computer virus.


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Is It Time ... For A KISS?



Feb 17, 2017


by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM


Strategic Planning Business Consultant



While student laundries in campus housing are not seen as a life-saving service, it does have its own history, challenges and revenue opportunities.


Huber offers a K.I.S.S. option that can substantially reduce institution costs, laundry machine vulnerability, and increase campus safety ... providing a Win-Win-Win-Win solution for institutions, contractors, parents and students.


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We are a Vendor-Independent Business Consultancy (Founded 1991) that provides Strategic Planning, Client Education, Business Assessments, RFP Development, Vendor Evaluation Strategies, Vendor Negotiations, Project Oversight, and Strategic Marketing.


We have assisted over 200 Colleges, Universities, Healthcare, Retail and Corporate Clients with Campus Card Systems, Meal/Debit Plan Systems, Debit Plan Systems, Food Production, Point-of-Sale (POS), Parking and Door Access Systems.


Our Vendor-Independent Consultancy assists clients:

     To Operate More Efficiently

  ●   To Resolve Business Challenges 

  ●   To Maximize Strategic Business Opportunities



FAST FACTS ... About Our Business
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CONSULTING SERVICES ... How We Assist Clients
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Our Distinctive Competence


As vendor-independent business consultants since 1991, we have assisted over 200 institutions with Campus Card Systems, Business Implementations and Campus Security Assessments.

   Campus Card Assessments



For over 30 years, we have specialized in the development, implementation, promotion and forecasting of Campus Card Systems in the educational, healthcare and corporate markets throughout North America.


   Business Implementations



Our strategic planning expertise includes the startup of 50 national restaurants, on-site implementation of 150 enterprise systems, 100 Campus Card Systems, 500 POS dining systems, and launching 200 new businesses.

   Campus Security Assessments



As certified business consultants with extensive business, law enforcement, federal government and corporate security expertise, we provide clients with professional, vendor independent and expert Campus Security Assessments.

What is an "All-Campus Card"?


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Our Expertise

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & Senior Consultant


Robert Huber has been a lifelong entrepreneur and visionary with a passion for business and exceptional customer service. Over the past 30 years his many Industry Milestones have transformed the campus card industry - especially development of the "All Campus Card" (1985).


Bob has started over 200 businesses and implemented 300 debit card, door and parking access control, meal plan, food production, and point-of-sale systems at educational institutions, hospitals and corporations throughout North America.


Robert Huber is a Certified Business Consultant, professional business negotiations faculty instructor, Hall of Fame recipient, national conference speaker, news media resource and publisher of the international "Campus Card Business Forecast".



Robert E. Summers, CPP

Associate Consultant


Mr. Summers, a former law enforcement officer, is a certified Professional Security Consultant who specializes in campus safety, high security and electronic security assessments. 


In addition to consulting with many educational institutions and international corporations, his portfolio includes the protection of U.S. national landmarks and several U.S. Presidential Libraries.


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Apple iPhone 6

The Next Campus Card?




Apple's iPhone 6 could become the new campus card at many colleges and universities, according to campus card industry business consultant Robert Huber.


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Students may lose their keys, cards or wallet, but they always have their phone - in their hand. For students of all ages, their smartphone is their best technological friend. 





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Your Campus Card System:

Critical Considerations For This Year

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

Campus Card Business Consultant

Robert Huber Associates


  What is the future of campus cards?


•   What card technologies are vulnerable?


•   What card technologies are recommended?


•   Should you manage or outsource your campus card system?


•   What campus card applications should be your institution focus?


  Will colleges and universities continue to issue campus cards?


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"How To Negotiate ... with Vendors!"

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & CEO

Robert Huber Associates


NACCU Annual Conference

New Orleans USA  (2015)



•   How Can Negotiations be a "Win-Win-Win" tool?

•   Why Avoid Traditional "Hard" and "Soft" Tactics?

•   What are Keys to Successful Negotiations by Men?

•   What are Keys to Successful Negotiations by Women?

•   What are Common Tools, Tips & Traps of Negotiations?

  What is a proven 6-Step Strategic Negotiations Checklist?

•   How Can Smartphones Jeopardize Successful Negotiations?


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"80 Vendor Presentation Tips

  ... for Hosts and Presenters"



by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & Vendor-Independent

Campus Card Business Consultant

Robert Huber Associates


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