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FAST FACTS ... About Our Business
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Founded in 1991 as a Vendor-Independent Business Consultancy, we provide Strategic Planning, Client Education, Business Assessments, RFP Development, Vendor Evaluation Strategies, Vendor Negotiations, Project Oversight and Strategic Marketing.


We have assisted over 200 Colleges, Universities, Healthcare, Retail and Corporate Clients with Campus Card Systems, Meal/Debit Plan Systems, Debit Plan Systems, Food Production, Point-of-Sale (POS), Parking and Door Access Systems.


We uniquely assist clients with:

  ●   Industry Education

  ●   Proven Business Expertise

  ●   Efficient Project Management

  ●   Resolution of Business Challenges 

  ●   Maximize Strategic Business Opportunities

CONSULTING SERVICES ... How We Assist Clients
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Consultant Article


Time for a New Business Model



by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM


Campus Card Business Consultant

Robert Huber Associates


Educational Procurement Journal



Most Institutions of Higher Education have issued plastic Campus Cards for decades - based on a 30-year business model. 


A contemporary business model is a virtual Campus Card Program which includes tools for Advanced Technology, Increased Enrollment, Reduced Institution Costs, and Generational Expectations.


Now is the time for Administrators to consider moving to a new business model - more closely aligned to Student Preferences.


Campus Cards: Time For A New Business Model
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Campus Cards - Time For A New Business M[...]
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New Generation Traits

The Mindset List

Class of 2022


The authors release 60 traits of the first college students of the New Millennium.


Born in 2000 or after, they are the most tech savvy generation in history. Most have never entered a bank, never used a dentist spit bowl, and same-sex marriage has always been legal somewhere.


The media refers to them as iGen or GenZ. However, just as Baby Boomers despise being called "Seniors", they are seeking their own identity and are eager to escape the dreaded label of "Millennial".


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Card Technology Evolution

Campus Card Technology Evolution (1960-2020)
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Conference Presentation

"How To Negotiate ... with Vendors!"

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM


Campus Card Business Consultant

Robert Huber Associates


NACCU Annual Conference

New Orleans


•   How Can Negotiations be a "Win-Win-Win" tool?

•   Why Avoid Traditional "Hard" and "Soft" Tactics?

•   What are Keys to Successful Negotiations by Men?

•   What are Keys to Successful Negotiations by Women?

•   What are Common Tools, Tips & Traps of Negotiations?

  What is a proven 6-Step Strategic Negotiations Checklist?

•   How Can Smartphones Jeopardize Successful Negotiations?


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Consultant Webinar

The Future of Campus Card Systems

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

Campus Card Business Consultant

Robert Huber Associates


   Is there a Future for Campus Cards?


•   What Card Technologies are vulnerable?


•   Which Card Technologies are recommended?


•   Self-Op or Outsource your Campus Card System?


•   What Card Applications should be Abandoned?


   Should your institution continue to issue Plastic Cards?


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