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"I Dream of Things That Never Were, and Say ... Why Not?"

Robert F. Kennedy



The Pioneers



This Page Is Dedicated To The Time Travelers ... Whose Continuous Curiosity And Pursuit Of Innovation ... Through An Assortment Of Entrepreneurial Lenses ... Have Collectively Created A Technological Symphony Of Simultaneous And Still Evolving Invention Clusters ... But Quite Possibly May Have Contributed A More Lasting Impact On Institutions And Our Society Than Anyone May Have Individually Imagined ... In Our Mind Garages.


How We Got To Now

by Steven Johnson



John Alexander



Lowell Adkins

Duke University / AT&T / Duvall / NACCU


Greg Baker

AT&T Campuswide / Blackboard Transact


Chris Corum

Florida State University / CR80News / Avisian Publications


John Darjany

AMSEC / Griffin Technology / Diebold / CBORD


Don Endres

Special Teams


Kathy Gallagher *

Villanova University


Terry Hann



Larry Hauser



Robert Huber

CSI / HARCO / Datacard / Robert Huber Associates


Coco Kagan

Marriott Corporation


Jim Kennedy



Bruce Lane



Bob Lemley

Advanced Network Technologies / Diebold / CBORD


Peter Livingston



Gary Lorenz

AMSEC / Griffin Technology / Diebold


Leon Gottlieb

General Meters Corporation


Steven Krotonsky



Christopher Martin

Claremont Colleges


Will McCarthy



Eugene McKenna *

Waterford Institute Of Technology



Mark McKenna

University of Vermont


John Meriano

Quinnipiac University


Rosalind Meyers

Georgia Institute of Technology


Bill Norwood

Florida State University / Cybermark / Heartland


Joseph Pietrantoni *

Duke University


John Powell

National CacheCard


Campbell Richardson

CCV Systems / ITC Systems


Bob Roth

Identicard / Roth Systems / NuVision Networks


Joseph Schuller

Datacard Corporation / Fargo


Robert Smith Sr.

East Stroudsburg University


Douglas Snedegar

Morehead State University


Jay Summerall

AT&T / Student Advantage / CardSmith


Robert Urland

R.D. Products / Griffin Technology


Randy Vanderhoof

DANYL / Schlumberger / Smart Card Alliance


Doug Vanderpoel *

Mount Holyoke College


* NACCU Distinguished Service Award Recipient


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