Institution Benefits

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Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

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Institution Benefits


Why Administrators and C-Level Executives

Utilize Our Business Consulting Services

Professional Expertise


Business Consultants are highly skilled, experienced and successful professionals with decades of experience in strategic planning, project management, organization, system implementations, troubleshooting, as well as working with many vendor, corporate and institutional cultures.


Expertise vs. Self Diagnosis


Instead of attempting to fabricate (copy) outcomes from dissimilar institutions, Business Consultants use their diverse experience and professional expertise to customize successful solutions.


Cost-Effective Expertise


Business Consultants provide immediate value, streamline project resource management, and avoid long-term employee expenses.


Higher Project Productivity


Business Consultant projects can be planned, organized and managed in an efficient manner, while still including diverse perspectives and avoidance of traditional inefficient meetings.


Activity vs. Accomplishment


Business Consultants prefer to avoid "Merry-Go-Round" organizations in order to move project forward in the most efficient, timely and productive manner.


Laser Focused Projects


Business Consultants are not prone to campus distractions, oduties or interruptions and can therefore focus exclusively on the core project.


Committees vs. Task Forces


Rather than large, open-ended delegated committees, Business Consultants prefer responsible resources and small, responsive "Task Force" models.


No Assembly Required


Unlike traditional institution initiatives, Business Consultants are "results driven", self-directed and accomplish most project tasks without inefficient group meetings.


Vendor Nepotism


Although they converse frequently with vendors for research and professional rapport objectives, Business Consultants actively avoid "Vendor Nepotism" and seek the most qualified vendors and ultimate solutions for their clients. 


Vendor Negotiations


Based on their negotiations expertise and professional credibility, Business Consultants expect a high-level of involvement, responsiveness, fair mindedness and good faith effort from their clients and qualified vendors.


Enterprise Perspective


Business Consultants continuously seek information, perspectives, strategies and solutions that will best serve their clients on a scalable, productive and long-term basis.



Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & CEO

Robert Huber Associates


Business Consultants | Institution Benefits
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Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

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Vendor Independent

Campus Card Business Consultants

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