Consulting Services

"If You Don't Know Where Your're Going ..."

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Consulting Services


Robert Huber Associates

Provides A Variety of Comprehensive Consulting Services,

Cost-Effective Packages, Professional Discounts

and Value-Added Services



Higher Education


Campus Card Checkup

Professional Vendor-Independent Campus Card Business Assessment, Technical & Operations Analysis (Accelerated), Customer Service Observations, Campus Card Business Forecast Review (1-day).


Campus Card System Site Assessment

Professional Vendor-Independent Campus Card Business Assessment, Technical & Operations Infrastructure Analysis, Customer Service Observations, Campus Interviews, Migration & Revenue Strategies, Administrator Briefing, Management Report (2-3 days).


Strategic Planning & Process Management

Professional Project Oversight, Master Project Schedule Development & Management, Weekly Project Manager Meetings, Press Release & Project Communications Reviews, Administrator Briefings (Financial, Internal Observations, Technology Migration). 


Campus Card Mobile Migration Guidance

Professional Vendor-Independent Technology Analysis, Advanced Technology Options, Future Technologies Implications (Challenges, Costs, Opportunities), Internal Organization Migration Strategies, Campus Card Business Forecast Administrator Briefings.


Request For Proposal Development

Professional Procurement Document Development Customized to Your Specific Institution (Culture, Goals, Needs, Requirements), Customized Appendices Development, Vendor Review Team Selection Guidance, Industry Education, Vendor Evaluation Strategies, Campus Procurement Office Coordination.

Vendor Evaluation & Selection Process

Professional Vendor Evaluation Process (4-Step), Impartial Vendor Evaluation Guidance (Proposal Review, Telephone Interviews, Vendor Presentations, Institution Visits), On-Site Vendor Presentation Coordination, Vendor Scoring & Documentation Guidance, Campus Procurement Office Coordination.


Vendor Negotiations & Contract Process

Professional Vendor-Independent Negotiations Process Facilitation and/or Guidance, Best & Final Offer Development & Coordination (BAFO), Review & Negotiation of RFP Exceptions, BATNA Institution Strategies, Site Engineering Survey Preparation, Campus Procurement Office Coordination.


Enterprise Door Access Strategic Planning

Professional Vendor-Independent Campus Card Business Assessment (Existing Systems, Infrastructure Analysis, Requirements, Project Phases), Card Technology Education (Comparisons, Costs), Vendor Upgrade & Procurement Strategies, Vendor and/or Contractor Oversight, Administrator & Legal Briefings.



Campus Safety & Security Assessments

Professional Certified Corporate Security Consultant (CPP), Review of Technical & Operations Infrastructure, Policy Analysis, Campus Observations, Campus Interviews, Program & Operation Recommendations, Crime Prevention Through Enviornmental Design (CPTED option), Administrator & Legal Briefings.

FAST FACTS ... About Our Business
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Consulting Services | Robert Huber Associates
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Robert Huber Associates

9446 East Jenan Drive

Scottsdale, Arizona USA 85260

(480) 551-0520 

Vendor Independent

Campus Card Business Consultants

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