Campus Card Evolution

1960 - 2020



Published by

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

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Campus Card Technology Evolution (1960-2020) - Printable Document
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Campus Card Evolution


Meal Plan Punch Cards

Airline Tickets:  Paper Tickets

(Travel Agencies, Airline Airport Offices)


Weekly Dining Cards

Limited ID Cards




Department ID Cards

Airline Tickets:  Multi-Part Paper Tickets

(Travel Agencies, Airline Retail Offices)


Paper Identification Cards

Multiple ID Offices




IDentification Card Stickers

Airline Tickets:  Single-Part Paper Tickets

(Travel Agencies, Airline Hotel/Retail Offices)


Semester Stickers & Department ID Cards

Photo Identification Cards (B/W)

Registrar ID Offices




All-Campus Card

Airline Tickets:  Paper Tickets

(Airline Ticket Brokers, Airline Retail Offices)


Single Multi-Application Color Campus Card

(4-Year Durable Campus Cards)

Department Cross Sharing / Mag Based Cards

Exterior Residence Hall Door Access

Campus Card Service Centers

One-Stop Shopping

Cashless Campus




Rapid Growth Of Scalable Technology

Airline Tickets:  Paper Tickets (Mag Stripe)

(Airline Mail Order Centers)


Campus Card, Library & ERP Cloud Systems

Exterior Residence Hall Door Access

Centralized Campus Card Offices

Photo Identification Cards (Color)

Color Campus Card Printers

On/Line vs. Off/Line

Bank Affiliations




Internet System Technology

Airline Tickets:  Paper Tickets & eTickets

(Airline Websites, Online Broker Websites)


Ethernet Technology Reader & Reporting Networks

Universal On/Line Technology Reader Adoption

On/Line Residence Hall & Building Door Access

Off/Line ADM's Removed From Service

Off-Campus Merchant Applications

Faster Card Production Printers

Ethernet Compatible Readers

Third-Party Readers

Internet Websites




Cloud-Based Systems Adoption

Airline Tickets:  eTickets

(Ticket Purchase & Self-Check-in Kisoks)


Campus Card, Library & ERP Cloud Systems

On/Line Residence Hall & Building Access

Interior Residence Hall Door Access

Smartphone Compatible Readers

Contactless Cards Adoption

Personal Webpages

Wireless Readers




Smartphone & Virtual Technology Soars

Airline Tickets:  eTickets & Mobile Credentials

(Passenger & Luggage Check-in Kiosks)


Smartphone Campus Card Applications

Smartphone Technology Readers

Laundry Applications Decline 

Cardless Community Colleges

Virtual System Access

Virtual Credentials




eDigital Patron Credentials

Airline Tickets:  Wearable & Biometric Credentials

(Biometric ePurchase & Security Check-in)


Interior & Exterior Electronic Door Access Skyrockets

Personal Credentials (Students & Employees)

Campus Service Counter Consolidation

Cloud-Based Campus Card Offices

Keyless and Cardless Campuses

Virtual Application Webpages

Outsourced Card Production

Wearable Credentials

Digital Wallets




Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM, entrepreneur, restaurateur and business consultant, pioneered the "All-Campus Card" concept (1985) and "Campus Card Service Centers" (One Stop Shopping) throughout North America. Since 1991, his vendor-independent business consultancy has assisted 200 Higher Education clients with the assessment, planning and implementation of debit card, meal plan, POS, food production, parking and enterprise door access systems and is publisher of the "Campus Card Business Forecast".


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