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Campus Card Industry Vendors in North America & Europe

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Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

Robert Huber Associates

Vendor Independent

Campus Card Business Consultants

Founded 1991


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Vendor information posted on this website is NOT intended as endorsements or advertisements - but compiled specifically for educational institutions as a public service by our "Vendor Independent" Campus Card Business Consultancy. Robert Huber Associates is not responsible for the accuracy of vendor supplied text and graphics nor should it be considered as validation or an endorsement of any company, claims, products or services. Viewers, as well as current and future listed vendors, should forward any updated information, corrections and/or requested changes in writing to Robert Huber Associates for our review and revisions as applicable.


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Robert C. Huber, President

Robert Huber Associates

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Robert Huber Associates

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Vendor Independent

Campus Card Business Consultants

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