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Business Benefits


Why Administrators and C-Level Executives

Utilize Our Business Consulting Services

Business Professional


Professional Business Consultants have a formal business education, broad business background and possess a wide range of transferable business skills.


Specialized Expertise


Business Consultants focus in particular fields of endeavor and possess special expertise and a unique industry-wide perspective.




Business Consultants take a global perspective and are not restricted to solutions that are limited by local offices, culture or internal politics.


Vendor Independence


Business Consultants that are "Vendor Independent" are shielded from vendor influence and maintain sole fiduciary responsibility to their clients.


Political Insulation


Business Consultants are objective in their project research, analysis and recommendations – not subject to internal or external political influence.


Impartial Assessments


Business Consultants provide honest, objective, fair and straightforward infrastructure, personnel and customer service appraisals.


Project Focus


Business Consultants can focus exclusively on the client project, without constant interruption by other internal organization issues.


Creative Solutions


Business Consultants constantly research vendors, technologies, trends, and case studies to provide the most successful client solutions.


Change Facilitator


Business Consultants holistically embrace and facilitate change, thus moving an organization forward in a timely manner.


Executive Briefings


Business Consultants provide periodic executive briefings that are credible, straightforward and valuable for long-term strategic planning.



Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & CEO

Robert Huber Associates



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Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

Certified Management Consultant


Robert E. Summers, CPP

Certified Protection Professional

Robert Huber Associates

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Vendor Independent

Campus Card Business Consultants

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