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Provides A Variety of Cost-Effective Consulting Packages

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System Implementations




Process Management



Synopsis:    Comprehensive New System Implementation


Period:       12 months   (est ~ average period)


Visits:         4   (2 - 3 days / per Site Visit)




  Statement of Work

  On-Site Observations

  Infrastructure Analysis

  Campus Interviews

  Administrator Interviews

  System Hardware Analysis

  Campus Recommendations

  Project Conference Calls

  Consultant Access

  Consultant Communications

  Travel Expenses Included

  Travel Days Included


Project Summary:   


  PHASE I - Project Management & Planning Process


Institution Survey, Pre-Visit Documentation, Project Schedule, Campus Tour & Interview Schedule.


  PHASE IICampus & Infrastructure Assessment


Site Visit #1: Tours, Interviews, Observations, Industry Education, MBWA, Administrative Briefings, Findings.


  PHASE IIIVendor Research & Evaluation Process


Customized RFP, Vendor Questions/Responses, Vendor Proposals, Institution Telephone Interviews, Vendor Presentations, Institution Site Visits.


  PHASE IVVendor & Contract Negotiations


Proposal Comparisons, Consultant Clarifications, Negotiated Agreements.


  PHASE VProgram Design & Vendor Installation


Card Office Design, Branded Marketing, Card Design, Website Design, Site Prep, Recarding Strategies, Vendor Oversight.




Strategic Partnership


Our consulting relationships are Strategic Partnerships and we assume administrative support, professional project management, institutional cooperation, timely responses, productive decisions, meeting attendance, affirmative internal communications, travel confirmation, and essential support services coordination among affected departments with the Consultant and in a timely manner.


Nearly all our clients select one of our Special Consulting Packages which have been customized to their specific administrative and organizational goals. These packages are the most cost-effective project management options and promote institutional cooperation and timely project management.


Optionally, we do provide Business Consulting Services on an Hourly (On-Site, Off-Site), Daily (On-Site, Off-Site) and Site Visit Basis (plus Actual Travel Expenses and Travel Days).

FAST FACTS ... About Our Business
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System Implementations | Robert Huber Associates
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Robert Huber Associates

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