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Vendor Independent

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Vendor Independence



Statement #1


Robert Huber Associates has been engaged in the business of full-time business and management consulting since 1991.


Statement #2


Robert Huber Associates is a Vendor Independent business consultancy.


Statement #3


Robert Huber Associates is not affiliated with, nor receives compensation from, any current industry affiliated card system vendors, card suppliers, card institutes, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, web-based transaction firms, or vendor consortiums.


Statement #4


Robert Huber Associates does not recommend specific campus card system companies or systems. 


Statement #5


Robert Huber Associates educates and guides clients through a collaborative and strategic processes and provides impartial professional advice so they may better define and more efficiently achieve their administrative and organizational goals.


Statement #6


Robert Huber Associates does not hold any financial interest of any kind (i.e., including stocks, bonds, or related financial agreements) with any vendors related (directly or indirectly) to “All-Campus Card” projects.


Statement #7


Robert Huber Associates will not receive any fees, commissions, or remuneration of any kind, based upon recommendations to its clients with respect to “All-Campus Card” projects.


Statement #8


Any references on our website, proposals or consultancy materials in reference to industry vendors, products, or trade names are for strictly educational and/or informational purposes only and are not to be considered as an endorsement of a particular vendor or their products.



Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

President & CEO

Robert Huber Associates



Robert Huber Associates | Vendor Independence
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FAST FACTS ... About Our Business
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Robert Huber Associates

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Vendor Independent

Campus Card Business Consultants

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