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Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM Among Seven Delawareans

Inducted Into Mount Pleasant Hall of Fame

For Professional Achievements and Community Service


 Mount Pleasant High School

Wilmington, Delaware


October 23, 2009






Mount Pleasant High School Hall Of Fame

Mount Pleasant High School

Wilmington, Delaware USA

October 23, 2009

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM, was one of seven Delawareans inducted into the Mount Pleasant "Hall of Fame" by the Mount Pleasant High School Historical Society on October 23, 2009, as recognition for their professional achievements and lifetime of community service.


Hall of Fame recipients included Dr. Arthur Coburn (Cardiologist, Humanitarian), Dr. John Crum (Delaware Educator, Former MPHS Teacher), Dr. Carol Hoffecker (University of Delaware Professor Emerita, Delaware Historian), Mr. Robert Huber (Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of WMPH-FM), Mr. John Jancuska (UMBC Baseball Head Coach), Mr. Rodney Lambert (Delaware Sports Hall of Fame Recipient), and Dr. Jesse Morris (Psychiatrist, Co-Founder of WMPH-FM).


Jesse Morris and Robert Huber founded WMPH-FM during their senior year at Mount Pleasant High School. The school district received the federal F.C.C. station license a year later and broadcasting commenced in 1969. Delaware's First Educational FM radio station is now one of the oldest high school educational radio stations in the world (91.7 mHz) and can be heard internationally online at www.WMPH.net.


Commemorating plaques and photographs of inductees permanently reside in the lobby of Mount Pleasant Senior High School.


Moujnt Pleasant 2009 HOF Inductees R.Lambert, A.Colburn, J.Crum, C.Hoffecker, J.Morris, J.Jancuska, R.Huber



Acceptance Remarks


Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

Hall of Fame Honoree

Robert Huber Associates





 Kelli and David Bradley


Special thanks to Kelli and Dave Bradley, faculty instructors at Mount Pleasant High School, who have devoted countless hours to the organization, management, promotion and preservation of the Hall of Fame over the past decade. The Mount Pleasant Hall of Fame was created in 2005 to coincide with the community celebration of the 175th anniversary of the historic Mount Pleasant Schoolhouse. Their creation of the Mount Pleasant Hall of Fame has not only honored its recipients, but their families, friends, alumni and community and thereby leaves Delaware residents with a historic legacy for which others may aspire in the future.


Clint Dantinne


Clint deserves special acknowledgement by the WMPH-FM Founders (Jesse Morris & Robert Huber) for his preservation, promotion and serving for nearly two decades as General Manager. Under his leadership, Delaware's first educational FM radio station is now heard around the world and has positively affected thousands of high school students and community residents for nearly 50 years of landmark radio broadcasting history. Thanks also to Clint for his distinctive audio and video productions at the Mount Pleasant Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies since their commencement.





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