Campus Card Timeline

1968 - 1974



A Chronological Summary of Key Campus Card Industry Events, Pioneers, Vendors and Institutions Over The Past 50 Years


Compiled by

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

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R.D. Products (Rochester, NY) develops and installs the first electronic card access system at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


The “VALI-DINE” system (i.e., Validation of Dining) mechanically punched holes in the meal plan card as it was read to signify authorized access to the dining hall. Mechanical counters were automatically triggered to provide customer counts.





Robert Urland, an attorney from Rochester, NY, joins R.D. Products as Operations Manager.





R.D. Products (Rochester, NY) develops and installs the “VALI-DINE/Series 2” system at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


This system not only mechanically punched holes in the meal plan card (i.e., to signify access to the dining hall), but electronically read previously punched holes in order to validate “one-time only” access per meal period.





Amsec (Long Beach, CA), founded by Gary Lorenz and John Darjany, develops and installs the first known on-line transacation system for closed system payments, access, user authentication and privilege entitlements. This first campus microprocessor-based system used magnetic stripe technology (i.e., low coercivity) and was installed at California State Polytechnic University.


R.D. Products (Rochester, NY) and Amsec (Long Beach, CA) jointly develop a patented one-piece card production system containing a camera, timer, and laminator – all contained in a mobile "suitcase" designed enclosure.





Amsec (Long Beach, CA) and R.D. Products (Rochester, NY) jointly upgrade the campus card system at California State Polytechnic University (Pomona, CA) with magnetic stripe technology to the “VALI-DINE/Series 3”.





R.D. Products (Rochester, NY) purchases Amsec (Long Beach, CA).


R.D. Products installs five new campus “VALI-DINE/Series 3” systems – including Boston College and the University of California – San Diego.




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