Campus Card Timeline

1985 - 1989



A Chronological Summary of Key Campus Card Industry Events, Pioneers, Vendors and Institutions Over The Past 50 Years


Compiled by

Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM

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R.D. Products (Rochester, NY) changes its name to Griffin Technology Inc.


Robert Huber is recruited by HARCO Industries Inc. to become National Accounts Manager to oversee development of its new "campus-wide" card access transaction system.


HARCO Industries Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) and Concept Systems Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) dissolve their strategic alliance.


HARCO Industries Inc. installs its first campus card access system at the University of Texas (Austin) – which includes “Meal Plan”, “Debit Account”, and “Door Access” software.


HARCO Industries Inc. installs its expanded “Campus-Wide System” at Duke University (Durham, NC).


Duke University introduces the “DukeCard”, under the leadership of Joseph Pietrantoni, which becomes the first “campus-wide” card program at colleges and universities.


Duke University introduces a “FLEX” account (i.e., Flexible Spending) in addition to traditional “FOOD” (only) debit accounts.


Robert Huber and Joseph Pietrantoni co-develop the "All-Campus Card" at Duke University which was envisioned to incorporate hundreds of card applications (cross-divisional) throughout all campuses of a college or university simultaneously - using a single card (credential) and single technology. 


[Editor's Note:  This concept was not patented but has served as a model for over 100,000 colleges, universities, hospitals, healthcare and corporate campuses worldwide.]


Special Teams Inc. (Brookings, SD) is founded by former rancher Don Endres to develop access control systems for campus food service operations.


The CBORD Group Inc. (Ithaca, NY) forms its Communications Systems Division – under the leadership of Bruce Lane.


CCV Systems (Toronto, CAN) installs its first campus card system for copier access at the University of Calgary (Calgary, ALB).





Special Teams Inc. (Brookings, SD) installs its first “S.E.A.S.” system (i.e., Smart Electronic Access System) using bar code technology at Augustana College (SD) and South Dakota State University.


DEBITEK Inc. (Chattanooga, TN) is founded to provide cashless payment systems (“Off/line) for prisons and corporate campuses.


The CBORD Group Inc. (Ithaca, NY) forms a strategic alliance with MICROS (Columbia, MD).


DANYL Corporation (Moorestown, NJ), founded by Peter Truscello, develops and installs its first copier vending control system (“Off/line”) at Johns Hopkins University.


Griffin Technology Inc. introduces the “Logging Card Reader” (LCR-4200) to store card transactions electronically (i.e., without its former self-contained tape storage system).


Roth Systems Inc. (Lancaster, PA) purchases the A.M.E.C.S. system from IDenticard Inc.





Griffin Technology Inc. (Rochester, NY) introduces its first “non-proprietary” magnetic stripe card access system.


Griffin Technology Inc. (Rochester, NY) introduces its new “Modular Door Access Reader” (AR-4300).


Special Teams Inc. (Brookings, SD) installs its first card access system using magnetic stripe technology (i.e., low coercivity) at Drake University (Des Moines, IA).





Marriott Corporation (Bethesda, MD) develops and installs its first meal plan card access system using smart card technology at Trinity College (Burlington, VT) and Queens College (Charlotte, NC).


DataCard Corporation (Minneapolis, MN) forms a Smart Cards & Systems division.


IdentoGraph Corporation (Dryden, NY) introduces its first digital imaging card production system using “scratch” technology.





HARCO Industries Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) and The CBORD Group Inc. (Ithaca, NY) form a strategic alliance – providing CBORD with the exclusive rights to market HARCO campus card access systems.


DataCard Corporation (Minneapolis, MN) and Marriott Corporation (Bethesda, MD) form a strategic alliance to co-develop and install “campus-wide” card access systems – using smart card technology.


Robert Huber is recruited from HARCO Industries by DataCard Corporation to become Marketing Director, Smart Cards & Systems Division, to develop an "All-Campus Card" using smart card technology for colleges and universities.




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