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Campus Card Business Forecast



by Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM


Campus Card Business Consultant



Prediction #1 –  Mobile Becomes Primary Enterprise Credential


With TSA adoption of mobile identification, food contractor mobile payments, and "geo-fencing" for mobile door access, campuses will transition to virtual student credentials and enterprise mobile privileges for increased security, institution cost savings, and greater student satisfaction over the next five years.


Prediction #2 – Campuses "Leapfrog" Over Contactless To Mobile


Many institutions will opt to avoid Contactless (13.56 MHz) and "leapfrog" directly to virtual credentials and mobile-ready applications throughout their campuses for reduced long-term infrastructure and operational costs.


Prediction #3 – Campus Card Marketing Focuses On Social


With global mobile communications, campuses will focus most of their marketing on social media - including virtual coupons and geo-activated promotions.


Prediction #4 –  Mobile Apps Replace Card Readers


With the dramatic increase of virtual campus card credentials (smartphones), the number of "unattended" campus credential applications will increase via mobile apps.


Prediction #5 –  Mobile Collaborative Partnerships Increase


Mobile application facilitators will increase their partnerships with campus multi-application system vendors to provide institutions with more integrated mobile applications.


Prediction #6 –  Plastic Campus Cards Become "Optional"


As Mobile Millennial students and employees embrace virtual campus credentials (smartphones), mandatory issuance of plastic campus cards will diminish.


Prediction #7 – Downsizing Of Campus Card Vendors


Of the five prominent campus card system vendors and seven campus card multi-application systems, at least 50% will be sold or merged into existing systems by the end of the decade.


Prediction #8 –  Increased Universal Technology Options


With global technology standards, the desire for non-proprietary equipment and credentials (supported by multiple vendors) will increase significantly by institutions - especially in an era of increased vendor turnover.


Prediction #9 – Door Access Vendors Conundrum


Despite strategic focus on enterprise campus security, door access system vendors will generate increased market confusion with competitive technological rhetoric and proprietary systems.


Prediction #10 –  Mobile-Ready Vending Captures Market


Vending machine contractors will provide more institutions with embedded, mobile-ready, multi-credential, wireless readers that are vendor-agnostic and alleviate PCI issues.


Rev 1-20-18


2018 Campus Card Industry Business Forecast
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Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM, President & Senior Consultant of Robert Huber Associates, is a "Vendor Independent" Campus Card Business Consultant, certified business and marketing consultant, card technology expert, implementation strategist, Hall of Fame recipient, college business instructor, publisher of the "Campus Card Business Forecast", author, entrepreneur, visionary, trusted media resource and frequent speaker at business conferences throughout North America.


Since developing the "All-Campus Card" concept in 1985, he has implemented over 200 debit card, door and parking access control, meal plan, food production, and point-of-sale systems at over 200 colleges, universities, hospitals and corporations.


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Robert C. Huber, CMC, CPCM, has been an industry pioneer, historian, forecaster, media resource, and campus card industry leader since 1982 and directly responsible for many campus card industry innovations:


1982 - Introduction of the first campus cards with High Coercivity magnetic stripes (non-eraseable).


1985 - Development of the "All-Campus Card" concept at Duke University.


1986 - Development and issuance of more durable "4-Year Campus Cards".


1990 - Installation of the first "smart card" credentials and systems on three college campuses (simultaneously).


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